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Vintage Wedding Videography in Melbourne

2013 in Review – Wedding Trends

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At Turbo Productions, we pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of new technology, to enhance your event or big day. So we keep up to date of wedding trends happening around Australia and the world (both wedding videography and otherwise).

As we near Christmas, Summer (if it ever comes this year), and 2014, we thought we would recap on some of the great new wedding trends from 2013.

What’s hot:

The Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding in MelbourneIn Eastern Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart, it’s always a risk due to the ever changing weather but when we canvassed the wedding business community, the outdoor wedding is gaining in popularity, The zoo, farms, and beach weddings continue to be popular and character-filled choice of venues. Who wouldn’t want a wedding shoot near the elephant enclosure? Check out the Rainforest Room at Melbourne Zoo. Engagement photo shoots: gone are the days of a quick backyard BBQ and a ring being the only symbols of a couple’s intention to wed. It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to cement their commitment through casual pre-wedding photoshoots amongst the alleyways and beaches around Australia’s capital cities.

Nic's Button Buds

Button Bouquets:

Custom made button & brooch bouquets for the bride that dares to be different. Nic’s Button Buds works closely with each bride to design bespoke items for your special day. Each bouquet is handcrafted using a fusion of new, vintage and recycled items to create something truly unique. Your bouquets will not just be a talking point that your guests remember but a family heirloom that you can hand down for generations to come.

Engagement Photoshoot Melbourne

Engagement photo shoots

Gone are the days of a quick backyard BBQ and a ring being the only symbols of a couple’s intention to wed. It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to cement their commitment through casual pre-wedding photoshoots amongst the alleyways and beaches around Australia’s capital cities.

Pre-wedding moons

Holidays! Everyone loves them and more and more couples are jetting off on their main holiday even before their big day. It’s often a good way to break up the demands of working and planning a wedding, and a way for the couple to reconnect and focus on what’s most important to them.

Fiji Wedding Videography

Meaghan and Jason

The anniversary “wedding”

Renewing vows was something that is often a private, intimate ceremony but a lot of couples who got married young are now using a milestone anniversary as a good opportunity to have the dress and the reception that they couldn’t afford the first time around. Our most memorable Sydney wedding videography, this year, was the renewal of vows of Meaghan and Jason, wed in 2003, and celebrating with style in Sydney in 2013.

Queenstown, New Zealand

The destination wedding:

New Zealand and Fiji continue to be favourite spots, but a lot of brides from Australia are now throwing in a traditional Aussie wedding in their hometown for something further afield. For some, this means a country wedding an hour drive away from Sydney in glorious Fitzroy Falls at new reception venue Mali Brae Farm. For others, they are trekking further still, like a Vegas festivity.

Lollies as party favours

There are now companies in Australia and abroad who can tailor your lolly banquet to suit your theme. A lot of these companies also couple as event planners.

The vintage wedding

Vintage Wedding

Blackboards, ribbons and handwritten name tags and invitations are making a resurgence in wedding receptions to give it a quaint, loved feel. And the quainter, the more vintage, the better! We even know of a bride who scoured country op shops for old petrol cans to scatter throughout the garden of her outdoor wedding, to breathtaking effect.

The slow motion video booth and the traditional photo booth:

At Turbo Productions, we might be a bit biased, but we believe the slow motion video booth has been one of the most exciting wedding trends to hit in 2013 and we have a viral campaign to thank created by Seattle based company Super Frog Saves Tokyo (SFST) in August. The wedding booth provides the couple with a digital guest book and captures the guests in a fun way that traditional photography cannot.

[lightbox title=”Slow Motion Video Booth” lightbox_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oziedo3cKM” thumbnail_url=”https://www.turboproductions.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Screen-Shot-2013-11-13-at-1.46.25-pm.png” align=”centre”]

Live Streaming in Queenstown New Zealand

The “networked” wedding via Livestream:

Whilst we have seem some events try to use a smartphone hook up for a wedding, more and more couples are asking us to incorporate Livestream into their day. It’s symptomatic of the global couple and friends and family scattered around the world. Check out our Livestream blog, and consider Turbo Productions livestream when you are booking a wedding videographer.

The social media wedding

In the past few years it wasn’t uncommon for the bride and groom to put disposable cameras on the guest tables to find blurry wasted images, or for millions or snaps to be taken on the day yet with no evidence filtering back to the couple . There are now apps that let you aggregate and upload all of your friends’ photos and choose which ones to share.

The self-planned wedding

Aussie couples are still largely focusing on planning their own day, and piecing together their own elaborate project plans. Whilst it ensures individual edge, we expect in 2014 and beyond that event planners will be consulted as everyone gets busier.

What’s ugly?

iPad Wedding CeremonyThe camera crusaders

iPads, iPhones abound at most of the weddings we film these days. No one wants to miss a thing but it detracts from the day.

We recommend you have a “leave the phone on silent policy” and let the professionals capture the day for you.

And what will 2014 bring? Who knows? But we will definitely be keeping our ear to the ground. Like us on Facebook for more up to date wedding trends throughout the year.  Weddings are going to get more intimate and more individualistic, so the only certainty is your day will be magical.

Contact Turbo Productions for all of your videography needs at turboproductions.com.au. Why not look at Turbo Livestream or Slow Motion Video Booths while you are there?