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Katie and Lucas Wedding

Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

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While many couples spend several months and considerable sums of money to plan their nuptials, this is an event that certainly won’t last forever.  Wedding videos give people a chance to preserve these special occasions so that they can enjoy them again and again.  Unlike photographs, which do not provide a tremendous amount of insight, these productions chronicle all of the sights, sounds and special words that are spoken throughout the duration of these affairs.


Wedding VideographyGet A New Perspective

It is important to note that having both a photographer and a videographer on hand will give you the benefit of having multiple, artistic perspectives.  Each of these professionals is likely to approach the preservation of your memories in a different way.  One might like a specific elevation, angle or lighting choice more than the other.  Thus, you will have two, unique ways to reminisce through the products that your providers create.

Melbourne Wedding Videos

Discover What You’ve Missed

Your wedding day memories on video also give people a chance to experience some of the incredible moments that they’ve missed.  It is not possible for grooms and their brides to be in all places at one time.  With a video, however, you will always have the chance to go back and view the entire event as a spectator.  This will allow you to savour tender moments that you barely had a chance to enjoy when experiencing them firsthand and it will also allow you to relish the love and happiness that was spread by each of your guests.

Professional Editing Services

These productions can be edited and cut so that they fit any specific vision that you might have.  Your provider can make sure that all included scenes are clear, high in quality and in line with your overall expectations.  This is one of the top reasons why it is important to work with reputable professionals when undertaking these projects.  They will have the best equipment and training for creating perfectly polished presentations that their clients are eager to enjoy again and again.

wedding-videosRelive The Best Day Of Your Life

Your wedding day is likely one of the most significant days of your life. Having this time properly documented will give you the opportunity to relive your special day again and again.  The resulting video is something that you can share with your children and grandchildren and it can also be copied, edited and incorporated into other family videos, such as those that are used to honour anniversary celebrations throughout the years.

Nicolas and James

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On July 19 2014, Nicolas and James tied the knot in a surprise same sex wedding video (disguised as an engagement party) in Collingwood.  An amazing couple, and a truly memorable event – lead by civil celebrant, Meriki Comito.  Congratulations from the Turbo Productions team!

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