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Why wedding videos are important

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It can seem like every wedding comes equipped with thousands of related expenses. From the flowers to the event’s location, every cost matters. This makes many people start to look for places to cut the costs, and some start to question the utility of even the most important features. Some might ask why it is important to get wedding videos – after all, they won’t forget their own weddings. Taking a moment to look at why videos matter, though, will tell you how important it is to make them a part of your wedding.

Wedding Videos MelbourneIt’s probably best to get the obvious reason out of the way – any given wedding is an event that only happens once, so you really need every possible medium available to capture those memories. From the walk down the aisle to the first dance, these are moments that simply cannot be replicated. If you want to make sure that you’ve got the ability to go back and relive that important day again and again, video is likely the most important tool that you can use. Remember, video can provide that little extra bit of motion that really brings back the emotions of the big day.

It is also important get a video because the bride and groom don’t get to experience every part of a wedding. Sure, they’re up front saying vows and they get to cut the cake, but there is so much going on that they’ll be overwhelmed on their big day. Instead of making them listen to second-hand stories for the rest of their lives, it is important to give the married couple a chance to see how much everyone else enjoyed the big day. A good video captures a moment in time that no one person can truly observe on his or her own, so it brings an extra level of perception to a big event.

Finally, these videos also give those who were not able to attend the wedding a chance to view the ceremony and its attendant events. No matter how much you care for someone, there are very legitimate reasons why you might not be able to make a wedding. Someone could be sick, live overseas or might not be able to get the day off of work – but they shouldn’t have to miss out on what might be a major event in a loved one’s life. Providing good video evidence can help someone to numb the pain on missing out on the event.

If you’re getting married in Melbourne (or anywhere else in Australia), make sure that you consider getting a wedding video made. Whether you want it for posterity or just to show your friends, a good video helps to capture the look and feel of your special day like no other tool. Always remember that your video needs to be taken by a professional, and that it really does matter what equipment is used – taking the time to make sure that your video is take correctly will ensure that you have a great keepsake for years to come.


Katie and Lucas Wedding

Preserve Your Wedding Day Memories

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While many couples spend several months and considerable sums of money to plan their nuptials, this is an event that certainly won’t last forever.  Wedding videos give people a chance to preserve these special occasions so that they can enjoy them again and again.  Unlike photographs, which do not provide a tremendous amount of insight, these productions chronicle all of the sights, sounds and special words that are spoken throughout the duration of these affairs.


Wedding VideographyGet A New Perspective

It is important to note that having both a photographer and a videographer on hand will give you the benefit of having multiple, artistic perspectives.  Each of these professionals is likely to approach the preservation of your memories in a different way.  One might like a specific elevation, angle or lighting choice more than the other.  Thus, you will have two, unique ways to reminisce through the products that your providers create.

Melbourne Wedding Videos

Discover What You’ve Missed

Your wedding day memories on video also give people a chance to experience some of the incredible moments that they’ve missed.  It is not possible for grooms and their brides to be in all places at one time.  With a video, however, you will always have the chance to go back and view the entire event as a spectator.  This will allow you to savour tender moments that you barely had a chance to enjoy when experiencing them firsthand and it will also allow you to relish the love and happiness that was spread by each of your guests.

Professional Editing Services

These productions can be edited and cut so that they fit any specific vision that you might have.  Your provider can make sure that all included scenes are clear, high in quality and in line with your overall expectations.  This is one of the top reasons why it is important to work with reputable professionals when undertaking these projects.  They will have the best equipment and training for creating perfectly polished presentations that their clients are eager to enjoy again and again.

wedding-videosRelive The Best Day Of Your Life

Your wedding day is likely one of the most significant days of your life. Having this time properly documented will give you the opportunity to relive your special day again and again.  The resulting video is something that you can share with your children and grandchildren and it can also be copied, edited and incorporated into other family videos, such as those that are used to honour anniversary celebrations throughout the years.

Steps to a perfect wedding day

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Be prepared and make your wedding truly memorable

Steps to a perfect wedding day. Try this list.

  1. Party favours don’t have to be relegated to picture frames and candle holders. There are some gorgeous suppliers on Etsy making handmade keepsakes. And for those who are interested in a practical twist, if you are having a summer wedding, consider programs which convert into personal fans. For a winter wedding, what about portable ponchos? It may look daggy, but your guests will thank you when there is that torrential downpour.
  1. On the topic of weather, always have a Plan B. If you are getting married in Melbourne, you know that it can be temperamental: 30 degrees one day, 12 degrees the next. Although an outdoor wedding may sound like the ideal location, organise your backup plan. Have a pergola or balcony on standby.
  1. Thinking about a cocktail party? Always make sure there are enough seats for your elderly guests. And make sure you have enough tables in place for people to be able to rest their drinks while they devour your delicious food.
  1. Think about a “no camera, no phone” policy. We have all heard of the guests who are plugged into the footy while you are saying your once-in-a-lifetime vowels. You can stop this from happening! One of the biggest trends of the year, couples are asking their friends to unplug. As a result, guests get to live in the moment, and the memories can be captured by the professionals.
  1. Go with the flow with your wedding photography! In the 1970s, it was all about the studio wedding shoot. Then it became the staged outdoor wedding shoot. In the early noughties, the candid shots were often attempted by portable cameras on your guests’ tables, but we all know that turned out poorly! And then the advent of the iPhone, meant that you couldn’t see the bride and groom amongst the sea of technology. Now it’s about the candid moments being captured without the wedding party knowing. It’s about a hidden mini-camera taking footage of your guests’ crazy dance moves; it’s about filming the wedding photo shoot and the silly outtakes. it’s about being real!
  1. Budget for a videographer. Don’t let it be one of your life’s regrets… your far-flung family members and future children will love recreating the moment. Choose a videographer who can capture multiple angles and be unobtrusive on the day.
  1. And why not take it one step further … get your videographer to film some of the milestones on the lead up to your wedding…. or grooms, consider a surprise proposal with your videographer capturing the moment!


For more trends or ideas, or for a Melbourne videography quote,
please contact Turbo Productions.

Can’t be there? You don’t need to miss a thing!

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LiveStream Your Wedding:  your loved ones are provided a website link prior to your ceremony, to view your wedding live. It hooks up the videographer’s cameras to the internet in a cost effective way to stream the wedding day into your loved ones’ homes.

Yet with work, distance, or insufficient funds, making it to a loved one’s wedding sometimes just isn’t possible. Luckily internet can bridge the gap between family and friends on their special day.

We have seen live streaming of sporting events, concerts, and even speeches. Why not use live streaming to make sure everyone can be there?[testimonials]

“Many thanks to the team at Turbo Productions for the opportunity to join in on the wedding celebration of our extended family in Australia. Live streaming has got to be one of the greatest ways of being part of the actual ceremony as it all happens even though we were in our own homes back in New Zealand. I found the team most helpful and pleased to go the extra mile for us. Job well done from our perspective. – Roger Scampton”

There are so many benefits:

  1. Family and friends stuck at work, interstate or overseas? Choose a livestream provider who allows you to rewind and view the page in the days following the event.
  2. Keep your guest list down: Weddings can already be extremely costly. This is a way to keep guest list small. Live Streaming weddings can save couples hundreds of dollars. In 2013, Brian O’Connell states that in the past year “there has been a 250 percent jump [in weddings using livestream services]”
  3. You can make it private: Live Streaming is not Youtube and doesn’t have to be available for everyone. Send the link to your nearest and dearest or broadcast it to the world – it’s up to you.
And here’s how to make it happen:
  • Find a videographer with the technology: At the same time as capturing lasting moments, you also can leave the set up to the professionals. Make sure they can show you samples and that they set up the link priori to the day.
  • Provide a link to your guests and friends at least 3 days in advance: Make sure everyone knows how to log on to the link, so that no one misses a thing. Share it via Facebook, and email and make sure to include the date and time (allowing for time differences for your overseas friends and family).
  • Tell your guests on the day that you have filmed the wedding, so that they can watch it and replay the magic when they get home. Great for friends’ children who would love to be a part of it!

Livestream Your Wedding – is a wedding trend here to stay: a trend which will only continue to grow in the near future.

Contact Turbo Productions for Wedding Videography and Live Streaming ServicesCeremony Live Stream

Vintage Wedding Videography in Melbourne

2013 in Review – Wedding Trends

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At Turbo Productions, we pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of new technology, to enhance your event or big day. So we keep up to date of wedding trends happening around Australia and the world (both wedding videography and otherwise).

As we near Christmas, Summer (if it ever comes this year), and 2014, we thought we would recap on some of the great new wedding trends from 2013.

What’s hot:

The Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding in MelbourneIn Eastern Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart, it’s always a risk due to the ever changing weather but when we canvassed the wedding business community, the outdoor wedding is gaining in popularity, The zoo, farms, and beach weddings continue to be popular and character-filled choice of venues. Who wouldn’t want a wedding shoot near the elephant enclosure? Check out the Rainforest Room at Melbourne Zoo. Engagement photo shoots: gone are the days of a quick backyard BBQ and a ring being the only symbols of a couple’s intention to wed. It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to cement their commitment through casual pre-wedding photoshoots amongst the alleyways and beaches around Australia’s capital cities.

Nic's Button Buds

Button Bouquets:

Custom made button & brooch bouquets for the bride that dares to be different. Nic’s Button Buds works closely with each bride to design bespoke items for your special day. Each bouquet is handcrafted using a fusion of new, vintage and recycled items to create something truly unique. Your bouquets will not just be a talking point that your guests remember but a family heirloom that you can hand down for generations to come.

Engagement Photoshoot Melbourne

Engagement photo shoots

Gone are the days of a quick backyard BBQ and a ring being the only symbols of a couple’s intention to wed. It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to cement their commitment through casual pre-wedding photoshoots amongst the alleyways and beaches around Australia’s capital cities.

Pre-wedding moons

Holidays! Everyone loves them and more and more couples are jetting off on their main holiday even before their big day. It’s often a good way to break up the demands of working and planning a wedding, and a way for the couple to reconnect and focus on what’s most important to them.

Fiji Wedding Videography

Meaghan and Jason

The anniversary “wedding”

Renewing vows was something that is often a private, intimate ceremony but a lot of couples who got married young are now using a milestone anniversary as a good opportunity to have the dress and the reception that they couldn’t afford the first time around. Our most memorable Sydney wedding videography, this year, was the renewal of vows of Meaghan and Jason, wed in 2003, and celebrating with style in Sydney in 2013.

Queenstown, New Zealand

The destination wedding:

New Zealand and Fiji continue to be favourite spots, but a lot of brides from Australia are now throwing in a traditional Aussie wedding in their hometown for something further afield. For some, this means a country wedding an hour drive away from Sydney in glorious Fitzroy Falls at new reception venue Mali Brae Farm. For others, they are trekking further still, like a Vegas festivity.

Lollies as party favours

There are now companies in Australia and abroad who can tailor your lolly banquet to suit your theme. A lot of these companies also couple as event planners.

The vintage wedding

Vintage Wedding

Blackboards, ribbons and handwritten name tags and invitations are making a resurgence in wedding receptions to give it a quaint, loved feel. And the quainter, the more vintage, the better! We even know of a bride who scoured country op shops for old petrol cans to scatter throughout the garden of her outdoor wedding, to breathtaking effect.

The slow motion video booth and the traditional photo booth:

At Turbo Productions, we might be a bit biased, but we believe the slow motion video booth has been one of the most exciting wedding trends to hit in 2013 and we have a viral campaign to thank created by Seattle based company Super Frog Saves Tokyo (SFST) in August. The wedding booth provides the couple with a digital guest book and captures the guests in a fun way that traditional photography cannot.

[lightbox title=”Slow Motion Video Booth” lightbox_url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oziedo3cKM” thumbnail_url=”https://www.turboproductions.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Screen-Shot-2013-11-13-at-1.46.25-pm.png” align=”centre”]

Live Streaming in Queenstown New Zealand

The “networked” wedding via Livestream:

Whilst we have seem some events try to use a smartphone hook up for a wedding, more and more couples are asking us to incorporate Livestream into their day. It’s symptomatic of the global couple and friends and family scattered around the world. Check out our Livestream blog, and consider Turbo Productions livestream when you are booking a wedding videographer.

The social media wedding

In the past few years it wasn’t uncommon for the bride and groom to put disposable cameras on the guest tables to find blurry wasted images, or for millions or snaps to be taken on the day yet with no evidence filtering back to the couple . There are now apps that let you aggregate and upload all of your friends’ photos and choose which ones to share.

The self-planned wedding

Aussie couples are still largely focusing on planning their own day, and piecing together their own elaborate project plans. Whilst it ensures individual edge, we expect in 2014 and beyond that event planners will be consulted as everyone gets busier.

What’s ugly?

iPad Wedding CeremonyThe camera crusaders

iPads, iPhones abound at most of the weddings we film these days. No one wants to miss a thing but it detracts from the day.

We recommend you have a “leave the phone on silent policy” and let the professionals capture the day for you.

And what will 2014 bring? Who knows? But we will definitely be keeping our ear to the ground. Like us on Facebook for more up to date wedding trends throughout the year.  Weddings are going to get more intimate and more individualistic, so the only certainty is your day will be magical.

Contact Turbo Productions for all of your videography needs at turboproductions.com.au. Why not look at Turbo Livestream or Slow Motion Video Booths while you are there?

hobart wedding videography

Destination – Hobart Wedding Videography

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As we complete the picturesque Hobart Wedding Videography for Jess and Josh at the Beaches Function Centre in Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania – we reflect on the beauty that this little isle has to offer to the discerning destination wedding bride and groom.

Hobart has the right mix of small country feel, with the mod cons of the other Australian cities, so you can still find a well brewed cafe latte, some fudge from the hinterland, or a delicious beer from the fresh, unspoilt Tasmanian waters (that’s in a commercial isn’t it?) without having to battle the traffic, or big city pace.
Macquarie Manor Hobart

Macquarie Manor Hobart

Basing ourselves in the heritage Macquarie Manor, replete with green velour walls, a creaky four poster bed, and mahogany furniture, it was like we stepped back in time. Located close to the Salamanca Markets, and the waterfront, it brought all of the delights of Tassie from yesteryear under the one roof, and would be a great place to base your entire family.

The Drunken Admiral, Hobart

James – The Drunken Admiral

Even though it was packed only 10 minutes from opening time, we were fortunate enough to experience a delectable seafood dinner at the Drunken Admiral, at one of the tables wedged into a maze of small nooks and crannies. With service and food so good, there is no need to explain how it has  been in business for close to 35 years. Before calling it a night, we followed it up by a quick pint at The Squires Bounty. On a warm summer’s evening, Hobart is bustling and buzzing.

Weddings at the Cascade Brewery

Cascade Brewery

No trip to Hobart would be complete without a visit to the Salamanca markets to trial some fudge, before stopping by Cascade Brewery. We were delighted to see a photo of past clients Kylie and Peter posted on their board. Married in late 2011, with Cascade Brewery as the backdrop, Kylie and her groom were blessed with a stunning, sunshine filled day. They chose to arrive in style to their reception, as the guests looked on from above, on a magnificent tall ship, The Lady Nelson, run by the Tasmanian Sail Training Association.

And what about this weekend’s wedding? Whilst we took in the sights, it is no denying that the best part of the trip was the wedding of Jess and Josh. Recommended by fellow firies, Kylie and Peter, we got to enjoy retracing our steps from our previous trip here, meeting the groomsmen for their preparations in the shadows of the Bellerive Oval. Turbo Productions, joined the talented crew of DJ Jamie from Nightlife and Warren the photographer (who specialises in Fire Service shoots) to immortalise the memories of the day.

[pullquote align=”center”]Thank you so much for coming and capturing our special day. You are an amazing person to work with (especially in all weather types)! – Jess[/pullquote]

Jessica and Josh - Hobart Wedding

Jessica and Josh brave the wind and rain on Seven Mile Beach for their photoshoot

Wedding Video Hobart

Umbrellas – a necessity at this outdoor wedding.

Whilst the weather wasn’t kind this weekend in Hobart, the incessant rain didn’t stop the bride and groom from fulfilling their dreams of an outdoor ceremony, and a photo shoot on 7 mile beach, dredging through mud to get the perfect shot.

The rain was constant but eased off just for a moment as the ceremony began, and it only takes a moment for the union of two people. With non-stop dancing at the Beaches Function Centre, in the grounds of the Wyndham Vacation Resort, their reward is jetting off to Sydney for a Pacific cruise around the Polynesian-French islands of New Caledonia. The Turbo Productions team, capturing Hobart Wedding Videography, would like to congratulate Jess and Josh on a magical event.

When in Hobart, we would like to recommend places to see while you are here:

MonaMONA Museum:

With a ferry ride in a camouflaged boat (sporting a cow and some sheep on the back!) being the chosen transport, we were confronted and simultaneously amazed at the exhibitions in this museum, sunken into the cliffs of Hobart.

Bonorong Wildlife SanctuaryBonorong Wildlife Sanctuary:

It doesn’t get much better than cuddling a rescued baby wombat and exchanging obscenities with a sulphur crested cockatoo, oh except for being stalked by some kangaroos and wallabies for a feed. We love the work that Bonorong do for the wildlife here, and how much they love and respect their animals. Anyone in Hobart must make time to drop by.

Home Hill Winery Wedding VideographyHome Hill Winery:

We managed to sneak in a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir from this acclaimed winery in the rolling green hills of the Huon Valley. They even have an Alpaca Farm abutting the winery, which we love.  We captured a wedding video here in 2011, and make sure we visit every time we are in Hobart..

If you are searching for a Hobart wedding videographer, look no further than Turbo Productions. Contact us today for a quote.

Destination Weddings

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Take your portable Turbo Productions with you to capture the moment

A few years back, a destination wedding meant a couple went away, seemingly on holiday and snuck back into the country quietly as husband and wife. They had to scramble to find someone who could be their witness and clothing that was acceptably ‘marital’, the reception was a simple beachside matter and they had some explaining to do when they arrived back home.

“Turbo Productions specialises in destination wedding videography throughout the South Pacific, New Zealand and all areas of Australia, with some of our most memorable weddings being filmed in European destinations”

In the past few years, the destinations have become more far-reaching and more exotic. As travel became more affordable, friends have started to hop on for the ride, dresses and cakes are precariously perched in overhead compartments from Australian designers, and whole hotels become the lodgings for the wedding party and far flung guests.

For those global couples, where the bride heralds from the northern hemisphere and the groom from the southern recesses of Australia or NZ, a destination wedding is also often very practical, with Bali or Thailand serving as a suitable halfway point.

To give you some inspiration, we showcase some of our favourite destination weddings captured by Turbo Productions … and for good measure, some of the places we have seen from our travels which should also be considered.

For more information on destinations, visit our friends at Destination Weddings

Nice, France (Sarah and Anthony)


Director, James Anderson, was at a dinner when the call came through that Sarah (from New Zealand) and Anthony (from Wales) wanted him to film their wedding in France in less than 48 hours. Too good an opportunity to miss, James joined a truly multi-cultural crew, with the bride and groom flying in from their Dubai post, friends and family from the UK, the photographer (Daniel Griffiths) from Sydney, and a 5 piece band from New Zealand.

The backdrop of Èze (on the coast between Nice, France and the small principality of Monaco), and the Chateau de la Chèvre d’Or provided one of most spectacular settings we have ever visited. Set upon a cliff top, a short ten minute drive outside of Nice, Sarah and Antony tied the knot, in an emotional ceremony before cruising the coast in a beautiful vintage car, as their guests were entertained by a trumpeter, piano accordionist and guitar player, over champagne and canapés.

It was a fun-filled reception with the NZ band keeping up the dancing and everyone’s spirits, as a brief Mediterranean storm rolled into attempt to upset the outdoor wedding. Jamming to Crowded House’s ‘Weather With You’, the wedding party danced through the storm and into the night.

Bracciano, Italy (Maddy and Michael)

Maddy and Michael - Preparations

Maddy had a dream, like most little girls, to have a fairy tale wedding, in a castle. Living in Pennsylvania, United States, didn’t afford Maddy with a way to make these dream a reality, until they decided on a destination wedding. Engaging Jay Studio, Italy as their photographer (image above) and Turbo Productions as their videographer, they set their idyllic wedding in Odescalchi Castle, located in Bracciano Italy.

Replete with a string quartet, fan fair, and delectable Italian cuisine, Maddy and Michael’s dreams came true, with 30 of their closest family and friends flying in for the celebration. To top off the spectacle, they even had the same impressive 5 tiered wedding cake and fireworks display that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had organised, marrying there a year earlier.

Maddy and Michael

Queenstown, New Zealand (Dovika and Stephen)

Stephen and Dovika - Queesntown NZ

[pullquote align=”right”]We are extremely camera shy but your attitude and the way you go about your job is more than we could have asked for. Thank you! – Dovika and Stephen[/pullquote]With this undoubtedly being our favourite destination in the world, it is difficult to single out any one wedding from the many spectacular weddings we have filmed in Queenstown. If we had to pick a few, it would be the 2011 winter wedding of Dovika and Stephen, and Melissa and Peter, who married in 2013.

Dovika and Stephen, were an Irish couple, campervanning around the South Island of New Zealand, when they decided to undertake the ultimate journey, deciding to marry in the snow-tops of Queenstown.

Dovika PoliceWith 5 family members flying in for the celebrations, they married at Stoneridge Estate, in the lush Otago winery region, followed by a helicopter photo shoot to the famous ledge overlooking Queenstown and Lake Wakitipu. This is still some of the prettiest footage we have shot, with Dovika donning a faux-fur stole to cope with the high altitude and low temperatures, and Stephen looking on lovingly. The photo shoot ended with the bride and groom being dropped off in style by helicopter on the Sky Line, with 360 degrees of the lake-side town, and Turbo Productions got to hitch a ride back with the helicopter pilot to the airport.

Stephen and Dovika - New Zealand

Photos by Alpine Image Co, New Zealand

Queesnstown, New Zealand (Melissa and Peter)

Melissa and Peter View

For Peter (NZ) and Melissa (UK), they were making the journey to Queenstown from Perth, Australia. When Melissa’s mum was unable to fly due to an illness, they were comforted to know that Turbo Productions would be able to capture the day so that she could participate from afar.

[pullquote align=”center”]I would like to take a few moments to pass on special thanks to James for doing such a professional job of our wedding video. He travelled to NZ at short notice to work with us and this was within our set budget. – Melissa and Peter [/pullquote]

Fiji Islands (Briana and Rob)

Fiji is also another oft-frequented Turbo destination (it’s now a home away from home, with us looking forward to the friendly Fijian choral welcome every time we step on Fijian soil). However, the wedding that comes to mind is Briana and Rob’s Treasure Island paradise.

Coming from country NSW, they organised a wedding party of around 50 to join them. The whole island was taken over by the wedding party, and what a party it was!

In a chapel overlooking the ocean, Briana and Rob exchanged emotion-filled vowels, before moving onto an outdoor reception which had a true festival feeling, capping the evening off with a piñata. James from Turbo Productions was accepted into the family, sitting alongside the parents, as the local Treasure Island resort band entertained the guests.

Having visited some spectacular countries in the last 10 years, we recommend another 5 you shouldn’t look past:

Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka WeddingQueenstown’s little sister, this is a foodie haven, and has spectacular scenery, with Lake Wanaka and its surrounding forests providing amazing photo opportunities. As it is smaller than Queenstown, it also has a more intimate feel.


Taormina, Italy

ItalyIn Sicily, this small town has Greek amphitheatres, a stylish main street, and overlooks the Mediterranean sea. It offers a medieval feel, and hospitable Italian hosts.


Tulum, Mexico

MexicoIf you love Tacos, ruins, and a beach paradise, plus friendly people, great cocktails, and some fabulous accommodation, then look no further than Tulum, Mexico. Close to Playa del Carmen, and Cancun, this turquoise beach is further away from the crowds.


Varadero, Cuba

CubaWhat Fiji or Bali is to the Australians, Cuba is to the Canadians, with a row of 5-star hotels to choose from. This is Cuba; the most spectacular water and beaches you will ever see, the heat of the Caribbean, and the friendliest people on earth.



MauritiusThis is not just another island holiday. Melding creole cooking, French influence, and being a stone’s throw from Africa and Madagascar makes Mauritius a truly unique experience.





If you are thinking about a destination wedding, contact us for some tips or suggestions, or to learn more about our  video services – visit www.turboproductions.com.au. We could also be enticed to Mexico or Mauritius (just let us know!).

Why choose a videographer?

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Layer your memories with emotion

At Turbo Productions, we have been producing high quality wedding videos for once-in-a-lifetime events for over 7 years, having been privileged to be engaged by hundreds of couples in capturing their day in high definition. And whilst camera quality just keeps improving, it also has resulted in the last 2 years with a proliferation of the tablet and smartphone “camera crusaders” endeavouring to capture every moment (almost before it happens).

As the wedding day is an expensive investment, we often have prospective clients ask us why they should invest in a videographer, when their guests can do it for them.

We understand it is an investment, in a day laden with costs, so we have asked our prior customers why they made the investment:


Thank you James for truly capturing the emotion of our wedding day. Your video has had us all crying again!! James was so fun to have around to capture our wedding video, and helped us out any way he could (he even did some gardening to remove the weeds from our chosen photo location!!). James was 100% professional, and captured the day exactly as it happened. We had a small intimate wedding and we hardly knew James was there filing in the background.

Sallie and Luke

My parents were unable to attend due to my Mum being unwell to be able to travel and he managed to allow them to view the wedding live over the internet. The final product is exquisite and captures all the heart felt moments so perfectly. We can relive our special day over and over again. Moreover, share with our family and friends who were unable to share in the day, so they do not miss out.

Melissa and Peter

I was initially introduced to the world of wedding videography through my sister Kath who was married to Marc back in Nov 2010 – she had James video their wedding in Echuca. At first, I thought, why would you get a video when you have a professional photographer but once I saw the video, in particular the highlights, I was determined to have James at my wedding.

Emily and Tranter



Below, we list out the key considerations of why a professional videographer is an invaluable investment in your day, and highlight some of the key questions you need to ask when searching for your videographer:


  • Whilst photos are forever, a video gives colour, emotion and life to the most important day in your life. For every moment that a videographer is filming, double the time is required to bring it to life in a seamless highlights video, so you not only need a skilled cameraperson but someone who has an eye for creativity and detail in the editing suite. Ask your videographer if you can see samples of their previous work.
  • Video clips captured on smartphone are fun, but the audio is often much left to be desired. A professional videographer should use microphones, and equipped cameras to ensure that each sound is recorded crisply. Ask how your videographer will capture the sound, as this is just as important as the image.
  • A videographer provides strong support for the couple, with their imaging needs. Whilst we also recommend a separate photographer for the day, the videographer provides vital back up. Why? Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go right on the day. Every bride will have a war story, of the car breaking down on the way to the church, the church burning down before the day (yes this has happened), a bridesmaid pulling out due to extenuating circumstances, and a photographer whose equipment is stolen the night before the big day. It sounds like doomsday predictions … but we have seen all of these happen (luckily one at a time; seldom all at once). With a videographer teaming up with the photographer, you are protected by having two people who are capturing your day. Turbo Productions has been honoured to provide some photos to our clients when things didn’t go so well for the photographer. So ask you videographer to see samples of their photos, just to know you’re covered.
  • If you do your research right, professional videographers often come ladened with more than one high definition camera so you can capture angles your guests haven’t even thought about. Ask how many cameras will be used on the day.
  • They are prepared with spare batteries, spare cameras, spare lights and are trained to spot potential. You don’t want to miss out on half a groomsmen’s speech, or some classy moves on the dance floor because all of your guests have had the dreaded battery drain.
  • The right videographer is unobtrusive (chances are you will forget they are even there).
  • A specialised videographer, like Turbo Productions, can also package in live streaming, to be able to stream your wedding over the internet for those family and friends who can’t make the day. This is not provided by everyone, so if you are interested in this, make sure you ask the question.


Alecia and Daniel

If you do get a videographer (and we do hope you do), some handy hints to get the most out of the day:

  • Ensure your guests know there is a videographer organised for the day, so they can put down their phones, relish in the moment, and enjoy all of those special touches you have created.  By briefing your guests, they will also be more aware of the videographer and photographer in the room, and ensure they don’t obscure the view of the most important people on the day: the couple! Never fear: a good videographer can dodge the crowd, but how nice would it be if there were no iPads in the vision, complementing your carefully thought out 1930s themed wedding?
  • Ensure you have good rapport with the videographer. They are one of your key crew for the day. Provide the videographer with a run sheet of the day in advance and ask for their advice. Having participated in 100s of weddings, a professional videographer will know what will look good.
  • Ensure the videographer is advised of locations, so they scout them out beforehand.
  • Keep them there for the reception, and get them to capture the guests, the dance floor, the speeches and the cake.
  • Videography is no longer just a movie length capture of your day: ask them what other services they provide. At Turbo Productions, we offer live stream (see our Live Internet Streaming blog) and slow motion video booths (see our Slow Motion Video Booths blog) and are always looking out for new opportunities to further enhance and layer your memories of the day. A talented videographer should also be at ease with still photography, to guarantee the married couple some high quality photos should the need arise.


Is a videographer a worthwhile investment? We think so!

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